Utilizing state of the art technology and equipment, B&B Rentals and Manufacturing specializes in the repairing, threading, milling, turning, and boring of any new or used down-hole drilling equipment. Our operations consist of CNC machining and manufacturing, conventional manual machining and milling operations.


To ensure customer satisfaction we back our products with modern equipment, the finest raw material, rigid quality control, and of course highly dedicated and experienced staff. We are a turnkey manufacturing company and have a 15,000 sq ft facility that is outfitted with:

  • Mazak Slant 550 w/ 80" travel
  • Mazak M-5 w/ 80" travel
  • Mazak Quickturn 400 w/ 40" travel
  • Mazak Quickturn 250 w/ 20" travel
  • 40" Manual Kingston Lathe w/ 80" travel
  • 22" Manual Kingston Lathe w/ 80" travel
  • Manual Kingston Mill w/ DRO
  • Cincinnati Big Radial Drill
  • 750 Computer Mill 820
  • Mazak M-5 w/ 120" travel
  • Omax Waterjet
  • Ring and Plug API thread Gauges
  • Gagemaker Mic Trac
  • Gagemaker Thread System
  • Zinc Phosphate Coating Tank



Our facility holds and maintains an API Specification 7-1 Monogram License (Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections) latest edition.